2006 South Buffalo Soccer Club Outdoor Rules

 Number of Players

  • 4-5 Coed; 5  Plus goalie
  • 6-7 and 8-9 Coed; 8 Plus goalie
  • 10-12 10 Plus goalie
  • 13-16 to be determined (depending on # of registered players on each team).

 Direct Kick

A direct kick will be awarded if a player kicks, pushes, holds, or trips another player or intentionally handles the ball. A penalty kick will be awarded if any of these infractions occur in the penalty area.(The area in which the goalie is able to use his/her hands.)
Note: As of 1997, kickoffs are also a direct kick.

 Indirect Kick

An indirect kick will be awarded in the event of an offsides infraction, an illegal charge, obstruction, or a dangerous play. Also, an indirect kick will be awarded if the referee stops the game for any type of misconduct. Every time the referee calls an indirect kick, his/her arm will be extended straight up in the air until the ball has been touched by a second player(on either team).
Note: There is no offsides in the 4-5 and 6-7 yr. old division.

  Passing the ball to the goalie

Beginning at the U-12 level, The goalie may not use their hands if the ball is intentionally passed back to them by one of their teammates. An indirect free kick will result from the point where the pass was started.

 Halves will be as follows:

  • 4-5 Coed; 20 min
  • 6-7 Coed; 25 min
  • 8-9 Coed; 25 min
  • 10-12; 30 min
  • 13-16; 30 min
  • Coaches should be at the field at least 15 minutes before the first game to check on the nets.(and set up if necessary) Coaches involved in the last game must take down the nets when necessary.


In the 4-5 and 6-7 year old division One coach can be on the field with the children.
(This is an experiment designed to keep the kids involved in the game at this level).
If coaches get in the way or intimidates the other team with excessive yelling, this experiment will be discontinued next year. 4-5 may substitute "on the fly" any time the coach wants to.
In the 6-7 age group, they may substitute on any stoppage in play (if the referee says it is okay) it is the referee's disgression to deny any substitution if he/she feels it is delaying the game.
Beginning at the 8-9 year old division, coaches may substitute players on their throw-ins, either teams goal kick, after a goal, in the event of an injury, or if a player is yellow carded. If a player is yellow carded, the coach may sub that player only. The other team's coach can sub any one player in that particular situation.

  Referee's Decisions

The referees decisions are final. Coaches should never question any of the referees decisions, (especially offsides). If coaches start verbally attacking the referees, the referees have been instructed to abandon the game. It is important to set an example to the kids and the other parents to respect authority. This organization is very serious about enforcing this policy.

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